Friday, September 17, 2010

Stovetop Cleaning 101:

Cooking all these delicious dishes are great. But what good is making good food, if every time you turn the stove on your burner gives off smoke or your kitchen smells like smoke because you neglected to remove those darn pieces of rice that fell underneath the burner or neglected to wipe the burner. I have some simple steps on how to get your stove top squeaky clean.

Now, I've done a lot of research to find the most efficient way to clean my stove top without wasting my entire morning and not having a nasty smell afterward. What I've found is that purchasing de-greasers and specialized formulas for removing grease did not work for me. Good ole baking soda or Ajax's grainy texture is fantastic and ideal for the task at hand with some elbow grease saved me time and energy.



1 sponge
dishwashing soap
heavy duty scratch pad/Brillo pad
1 cup of baking soda/Ajax
Some ole fashion elbow grease
1 kitchen towel
1 small bowl
3-4 sheets of paper towel

Make sure the stove is off and all burners are all off/ Remove any pots, burner covers, kitchen mittens, etc. Place the individual burner trays in the sink and drown with baking soda and a couple tablespoon of water until the baking soda is a paste like consistency. Let soak for 1 hour to 24 hours. The longer it soaks the easy it is to clean.

Cleaning burner trays:
Add a couple drops of dishwashing soap to damp sponge and set aside. Take an individual tray and Brillo pad with a couple drops of dishwashing soap and scrub, scrub and scrub. Adding in more baking soda when needed. Once tray has been cleaned, rinse baking soda off, wash with sponge, rinse off soap and set aside upside down on cleaned kitchen towel.

Cleaning burners:
Using a soapy sponge, wipe each burner. Then rinse the sponge off and re-wipe the burner. Then place burner on kitchen towel.

Stove top:

Depending upon how burned the food is on your stove top, sprinkle on baking soda, a little bit of water and using a brillo pad scrub/scrub brush, scrub and scrub. Adding in baking soda when needed. Once cleaned. Take a sheet of paper towel wipe away the baking soda. If Take a soapy sponge and clean and wipe where ever that brillo pad touched. Rinse away all the soap from the sponge and wipe the soap of the stove completely.

If you have a newer stove you are able to left the stove top to clean under it. If not, you may have to stick you hand inside with a soapy sponge to clean any fallen or burnt food.Using a soapy sponge repeat the last two steps mentioned above. Hence, depending upon how much burnt food there is you may have to add baking soda and water and use a scratch pad.


  • Sanitary
  • No burnt smell
  • Heat distributed more evenly
  • Quicker heat to burners
  • Less mess to clean
  • No embarrassing stove tops
Voila, a clean stove top!

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