Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ji Karot/Carrot Juice

I love carrot juice. Every time I have a glass of carrot juice, it reminds me of when I was on vacation in Haiti. Every morning my aunt would make me and little brother fresh carrot juice. Let me tell you it was delicious!

We have all heard the saying that carrots are good for your eyes and it's true. Carrot are also great for your skin, hair, nails, liver, teeth and bones. The best way to pick carrots are based on the color, the darker the color of the carrot the better and it contains more beta-carotene; which has all the vitamins and antioxidants.

Some people may be thinking, carrot drink is more like a shake and not a juice. But, this is not your regular ole' store bought carrot juice drink. This juice is sweet, delicious and hmmm hmmm good.

13-14 carrot sticks
1 can evaporate milk
4-5 teaspoons of sugar
1 juicer/blender
1 mesh strainer
small pitcher
1 cup of ice

Recipe servings 3-4 cups

If using a blender you will want to remove the skin, cut the ends and cut the carrots into smaller pieces before placing into the blender, rinse carrot and juice. Once you have juiced all the carrots, take the carrot juice and strain twice to ensure that the carrot bits have been completely removed.

In the pitcher, add carrot juice, the full can of carnation milk, sugar and mix thoroughly.  Refrigerate or serve with ice.

Source: www.wisegeeks.com


  1. Will this taste the same if you just use pre-peeled and sliced baby carrots?

  2. Hi and yes this will taste the same. But are you going to grate the carrots to extract the juice or blend it?

  3. help my juicer broke down in the middle of me making carrot juice is there some way i can finish it without the juicer

  4. OHHHH...The old fashion way is to grate the carrot and squeeze the juice out and slowly add in water. It's a longer process.

    Hope this helps.

  5. baby carrots are not as sweet as the big ones, so it wont' be the same... Add some nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and white rum... OMG! I am in heaven right now... I grew up on carrot juice!! Love it!!!... U can also go the sugar route...no condensed milk..sugar and lime juice...very refreshing!!!

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