Monday, January 2, 2012

Buttermilk Fried Tilapia

Buttermilk fried Tilapia


4 Tilapia fillets
2 cups of flour
1.5 cup of cornmeal
2.5 cups of buttermilk
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
1 cup of canola oil
juice of 1 lemon

Let's get started.

Rinse the fillets in the sink. Pour lemon juice on top and strain. In a medium size bowl pour in buttermilk then add in the fillets. Let sit for minimum 30 minutes in the refrigerator. In a separate bowl, add in flour, cornmeal, pepper and salt. Mix.

In a medium size frying pan or shallow sauce pan on medium high temperature add in oil. While the oil is getting hot, remove the fish from the milk and coat with flour/cornmeal mixture.

Slowly and carefully place fish into hot oil and allow to cook. Tilapia cooks quickly so cook until golden brown on each side. If you're not into frying you can bake the fish.



  1. Girrlll...I forgot to tell you. The last epis I made i added the carrots, it made the epis not as blended well. I probably should have boiled the carrots first for a smoother consistency of the epis. Anyways, the point is. I bought tilapia fillets because I want to start eating more fish in my diet. So I knew i wanted to cook them on stovetop but didnt know what to season them with, soooo, i was like hey, i have epis, so i went in my fridge pulled out the epis. covered each fillet front and back, threw a little butter in the pan and sauteed those bad boys...when i say delicious! i mean delicious. The tilapia was juicy, well cooked and hearty. I paired it with some leftover jasmine rice and steamed green beans and carrots...c'est magnifique! I tell you, i need a husband, he defitinely wouldnt throw me away...keep it in prayer girl! lol

    Much love girl!

  2. Taja.

    Everytime I read your comments you have be balling over here. I am so happy to see you getting your Haitian cooking on. But I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Greetings,
    I just stumbled upon our website...great site!! If possible can you please add a recipe for salmon? I'm Haitian and know how to cook but my food never taste like my moms cooking, WHY?? PLEASE HELP!


  4. JESUS LOVES :-)

  5. What is bout lang fish in English?

  6. Question. Am I supposed to boil the carrots first for the epics before I blend? Just making sure before I make my batch. Thank you!!!