Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finding a balance between Holiday food and Calories!

The holidays are here and that means good food. But along with the good food are the unforeseen and unwanted calories. As much as you're thinking, " No, I'll pass on the that." Instead your saying, "Can you pass the greens, please?" Or. "Where's the gravy?" The smell, the sight, the thought and the taste is just too overwhelming.

If you can muster up some energy here are 5 easy at home exercises that will help keep your jeans from fitting tight during this holiday season. Just do these quick exercises three times a week and you'll feel better, look better and burn the extra calories after your done eating.

  1.  30 minutes to 1 hour of cardio/aerobics (3 times a week)
    1. Improves metabolism (You can eat more.)
    2. Good for your heart
    3. Strenghtens muscles
  2. Crunches
    1. Strenghten core.
    2. Reduces belly fat. (Jeans will fit.)
    3. Improves digestion.
  3.  Squats and or lunges
    1. Build leg muscles. (You'll be able to get up from chair after eating.)
    2. TargetS lower body, abs and obliques.
    3. Strengthen your back.
  4.  Push up
    1. Build core strength.
    2. Build confidence.
    3. Build Endurance
  5. Jump rope
    1. Build Endurance.
    2. Muscle tone.
    3. Burns a lot of calories in a short time


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  1. You are just the jackie of all trades, lol. You are covering all aspects, i love it!